YouTheory is a vitamins and supplements brand that needed a little rejuvenation of their digital presence and e-commerce platform in order to keep with their own social media feeds. This is the site I created for an RFP. I’m happy to say we won that pitch.
It’s always super exciting for me to be able to work with brands and help elevate the existing design language. For YouTheory, I looked for what represents the core of the brand. With some research I found that the round shape on the label is actually what a collagen molecule looks like under a microscope. I combined that foundational element with hero packaging shots, bold typography highlighting the product benefits, and very simple transparency, to bring this visual language to life. This echoed the simplicity and transparency consumers crave when it comes to shopping for supplements online.
Our client provided us with a very large family of brand fonts: Gotham, Bodoni, Proxima Nova and Helvetica. Our instinct was to start by simplifying the number of typefaces used on digital platfroms while keeping the additional brand fonts exclusive for print use. Keeping things simple allowed for a focused design approach while delivering relevant information without too many type styles, font weights, widths or heights. It also allowed us to play with typography placement and hierarchy of information creating a striking, benefit driven, visual language.
Tactile, true to ingredients, appealing to the palette.