My name is Renata Cambaúva, I’m an Art Director & Designer
skewed digital. I’m a brazilian adgirl with a heart beating for
good ideas, typography, design and great cups of coffee.
Meu nome é Renata Cambaúva. Diretora de Arte e Designer.
Sou de criação Brasileira e de Publicidade. Apaixonada por
design, ilustrações, tipografia e uma boa xícara de café.              m. 516 426 0372              linkedin

Yahoo! Cannes Tumblr Experience

Yahoo! was looking to present the capabilities of their latest acquisition, Tumblr to the advertising community at Cannes.

Armed with a wealth of data and content, we built a fully interactive experience designed to show off the cool things you could do with Tumblr and the impressive results that come along with it. The end experience was designed for giant touch screens that allowed industry people to deep dive into everything Tumblr has to offer.

Yahoo! CES Experience

While the Cannes crowd required a more visual experience of Tumblr, the group at CES was way more interested in the data behind the site. So for CES, we took the Cannes experience and redesigned it for a completely different group of consumers while staying true to the Yahoo! brand.              m. 516 426 0372              linkedin