My name is Renata Cambaúva, I’m an Art Director & Designer
skewed digital. I’m a brazilian adgirl with a heart beating for
good ideas, typography, design and great cups of coffee.
Meu nome é Renata Cambaúva. Diretora de Arte e Designer.
Sou de criação Brasileira e de Publicidade. Apaixonada por
design, ilustrações, tipografia e uma boa xícara de café.              m. 516 426 0372              linkedin

Superman's 50th Anniversary

To celebrate Superman’s 50th anniversary and the DVD launch of the new movie, we wanted to give fans the ultimate superman flight experience. By flying through the air as Superman, the user is taken through Superman's history.

From speed and altitude, to breaking the barrier of sound, and reaching zero gravity, we created an immersive experience that played with the laws of physics as the user flew from Earth.              m. 516 426 0372              linkedin