My name is Renata Cambaúva, I’m an Art Director & Designer
skewed digital. I’m a brazilian adgirl with a heart beating for
good ideas, typography, design and great cups of coffee.
Meu nome é Renata Cambaúva. Diretora de Arte e Designer.
Sou de criação Brasileira e de Publicidade. Apaixonada por
design, ilustrações, tipografia e uma boa xícara de café.              m. 516 426 0372              linkedin

Google Cardboard VR Experiences

Google created Cardboard to bring virtual reality to everyone, so we created a few apps that allowed people
to visit other worlds. Through Cardboard, people could visit a friend from the past and even glimpse into
the future, while learning through VR immersion.

Rising Sea Levels

We brought the rising sea level predictions to a user’s physical space and allowed them to see
the effects of their environment.

Velociraptor Visit

Experience what it would be like to share a space with a life-size dinosaur.              m. 516 426 0372              linkedin